how I see knowledge By Lee Crowchild

I was asked once to describe things I had learned in a particular class. "Who was speaking for whom?" was the question. When we construct our academic knowledge are we asking ourselves deeply enough is this the way it really is or is this the way we want to see the world?

Who really constructed my worldview?

I decided that I will say it with pictures... The influences of academia, in my mind, wanted to make it as elaborate as I possibly could. It might fetch me a few bucks on the sidewalk gallery if it was good enough I thought. I would be a legend if only in my own mind.Getting past all of those thoughts was harder than I had imagined.I wanted to tell a story much the same way a winter count on a buffalo robe would have in the times before I was born. So this is my attempt at telling how I saw the world and how I saw us constucting knowledge.

Some of the images are quite literal while others are meant to be metaphors for what we as individuals treasure as our sense of a home or a place where we feel we belong. They are not specific to any one tribe, nation, or colour of skin.

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