The CyberPowWow project, conceived in 1996, is part website and part "palace" --a series of interconnected, graphical chat rooms which allow visitors to interact with one another in real time. Together, the website and palace form a virtual gallery with digital (and digitized) artworks and a library of texts. All the works have been created specifically for CyberPowWow by emerging and established Aboriginal artists and writers.

From 1997 to 2004 CyberPowWow was also an event which took place every two years. The event marked new work being added to the palace, like an opening. Visitors were invited to log on from the comfort of their own computers, or, if they were feeling social (or did not have a computer of their own) they could attend via a Gathering Site. Gathering Sites were established across Turtle Island (North America) as welcoming, comfortable places where people could access computers, the Internet, friends and food.