When I first started surfin', I was seduced! But my love was not blind...

The overwhelming majority of Web pages fall into two categories: business pages and personal home pages. The business ones sell software or internet marketing expertise, (you know, computer stuff) and the home pages, which are supposed to be your highly individualized place to shine, usually consist of pictures of that person's favourite cat, or nephew, and have links to their favourite Web page. While such pages are fun and are, in fact, part of net culture, they are, undeniably, limited in scope. The WWW is an awesome tool for information-sharing and for meeting people with similar interests whom you may never have met otherwise, but it has to be exploited as such. If we are going to help shape this medium, let's do it right. Let's make it content-rich, and not just another tool for selling nifty consumer goods. We can use the WWW to present our stories, to inform people about our issues, and to explore solutions to some of our problems.

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