Nation to Nation is a collective of First Nations artists whose main goals are to create a forum for dialogue on First Nations art, culture and issues; and to function as a catalyst for creative expression. As artists, we believe that creativity is a fundamental link which brings all aspects of community together. To achieve these goals, we curate exhibitions and organize events, performances and workshops.

Nation To Nation began officially in April 1994 when Skawennati Tricia Fragnito, Ryan Rice and Eric Robertson banded together to present the creativity found within our communities.

The phrase "nation to nation" comes from Iroquois teachings about the traditional Kahswentha Two Row wampum, a treaty which embodies the idea of respect for a people's customs, as one nation to another: Mohawk, Dutch, Seneca, American etc. As a collective of contemporary Native artists, we use the phrase to express the idea of dialogue between people and peoples, as individuals, artist's groups, communities and countries. It also refers to the idea of movement; rather than focus on securing a permanent home, Nation to Nation, as a constantly mutating collective, will move nomadically from space to space, city to city, nation to nation.

True to our aims, we continue to organize events to keep us active and creative, while bringing together Natives and non-Natives, artists and non-artists. As our community continues to expand, Nation to Nation will continue organizing events and exhibitions that encourage dialogue and artmaking which strengthen our community.