Ryan Rice

Name: Ryan Rice a/k/a Aronienes a/k/a R2
Home: Kahnawake and wherever
Occupation: ART and whatever
Nation: to Nation, Mohawk Nation, Iroquois confederacy, FIRST
Community: HAPPy, URB.AB.POP
P.P. Old (and not so old) ANTHRO's, and people who don't stop to look around
Favorite Colour: Pratt & Lambert Sunrise ORANGE, wal-mart LIMESICLE and martha's palette
Favorite song: "Being Boring" Favorite cat: Felix Favorite Dog: Under....Favorite Font: Arial

This is it! I have ben creatively expressing myself for quite a while now. I enjoy fluff, feathers, pop and politics. Being Native and growing up with a role model such as Kermit the Frog, I came to realize what he meant when he sings, "It's Not Easy Being Green", because coloured identity is always an issue. My work reflects the contemporary realities I experience as an individual, a community member and part of a First Nations nation. I enjoy working with traditional concepts, merged with current affairs, to pave the way for a bright future.

Creativity is very important to me, because I do believe that it is a gift I have received. It's about sharing and educating (probably two things we need more of). Anyway, First Nations art is so culturally and visually "real" to me (as opposed to Western), and I am proud to be a contributing member. ...........and I recently discovered that beadwork is SO COOL!

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